Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Kevin Whalum!

Kevin 2.jpg

Our story begins in Memphis, in the shadow of Olivet Baptist Church - where Kenneth T. Whalum was Pastor.  Kevin's Dad :) Reverend Whalum must have been SOMETHING.  Not only living the word that he preached - but making sure that his children were well-versed in the glory of all kinds of music.  Brother Kirk and Kevin grew up, immersed in love and support and the magic of music's CALL to their lives.

From Morehouse College in Atlanta, Kevin moved to Chicago.  There he worked pharmaceutical sales by day and fronted a popular band at night, Fast Forward (Steve Cole was in the group!)  He met the love of his life and moved to Nashville to begin the other important part of who Kevin Whalum IS.  But that siren call was ever-present.  Kirk's project, "The Gospel According to Jazz", launched in 1998. Kevin was a huge part of the project - and he brought something truly significant to the Word of God via song.  Truth is, that will always be a part of Kevin's presentation.

In 2003, "Timetable" was released.  In 2008, "One Life to Love" - produced by good friend, George Duke.  Side note here: Kevin and I truly love some folks in common - including George, who we both mourn, three years after his passing.  And Lynne Fiddmont!  There's a lifelong friendship there.  And terrific musical chemistry :)

Listen, some of us never got over "Romance Language" from a few years back - the re-imagination of Coltrane and Hartman, done Whalum Brothers style.  But now?  Here's "I Live For You" - which is more exploration into the world of Kevin's mind.  He wants to bring the love of God to so many!  And he does this as only HE can - with contemporary songs that are based on the solid foundation of his faith.  What an honor to bring him to you!  2nd hour: 7/12/16!